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RJ Ron Joseph — his Bandstand days…..


RJ Ron Joseph Celebrates Tony Mammarella, Pop Singer and more with the Regulars….

RJ Ron Joseph on Wikepedia….



Hi Gang….

Above is another photo copyright to me Getty/Images…. Single and/or double click to stroll around the pre-national days of Studio B.

Along with my ongoing themes of rare videos and Now and Then, here is a wonderful link to a great site on the internet.

For some time, under the Links section to the right, there has been a YouTube link to Tony Mammarella’s interview with former Bandstand Regular RJ Joseph —.

If you’ll click on the above first link, you’ll see a seven part video. Hang in there. You’ll find Carole Scaldeferri dancing with Harvey Robbins, there is Joanne Montecarlo, Jimmy Hudson, Micki Duffy, Cuz Biorgerno, Barbara Marcen — all prominent Regulars from the days of Bob Horn to Dick Clark. Below the video you’ll see text Next Video in green. Keep clicking until you’ve seen it all seven clips.

Further explore this site to find a photo taken sometime in the seventies of Frani Gioriano with her daughter in the foreground next to Kari Clark, and standing is Pop Singer Dick Clark with RJ and Jimmy Baker.

You’ll see Sy (Pop) Singer of Pop Singer’s famous soda shop finally receiving his just “desserts” — his own cake. Remember it was Pop Singer who presented all those American Bandstand Regulars — year after year — with their birthday cakes.

Click on the second link above to read all about RJ and his accomplishments. His family, friends and admirers have lots of which to be proud. Don’t you think? RJ has been so involved in keeping the music alive and clearly focusing on those who have made it happen. Hopefully one day he’ll land that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It will be well-deserved.

I just think Carole Scaldeferri looks so beautiful here. She continues to help to add to the history of the show through her contribution, sometimes by just simply being there. It’s all about sharing the bigger picture — the love of Bandstand and the importance of its place in history. As the saying goes — and I know Carole will agree with me — God works in mysterious ways.

I just love RJ’s website.The site is packed full of fun information and there is so much to digest…so eat-em-up. Just remember to leave some for the rest of us. Yup, it’s all about sharing.

Isn’t life A joy? Don’t answer that question!

Ciao for now…..

Text courtesy of Charles W Amann III from The Princes & Princesses of Dance

Photo courtesy of Getty Images