The Last Roundup for Our Gal Sally Starr

Pictures from Sally Starr's Life

RJ touches Sally Starr's cowboy boots

Sally Starr's sister (left) tells Ron Joseph
“Oh, RJ, I hear you every Friday night when we go shopping!”

Sally Starr's cowboy hat and a rose

RJ, Giant Gene Arnold, wife Terry Rubin and Robin

RJ with Philly Carol

WVLT's Philly Carol

Sally Starr's casket

Johnny Lerro and RJ

Giant Gene Arnold and RJ Ron Joseph

RJ talks about Sally Starr

Giant Gene Arnold and RJ Ron Joseph

RJ and Carl Hemple

Carl Hemple, Gerry Wilkinson, Giant Gene, Corky Warren & RJ

Carl Hemple, RJ & Chris Randazzo

Portrait of Sally Starr and husband Ranger Joe

Ranger Joe

Sally Starr's casket, flowers, hat and boots


Sally Starr, January 25, 1923 - January 27, 2013

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